Although superfast broadband officially arrived in Bildeston some months ago, it was only available to a very small part of Bildeston around Market Place and some of the surrounding villages. As of mid April, work funded by Suffolk County Council under the better broadband to Suffolk banner has now made this available to a major part of Bildeston.

Superfast broadband is only available to homes fed by one of the green “street cabinets”. Much of bildeston was excluded as it was fed direct from the telephone exchange in Haleigh Road.  Better Broadband have funded new street and fibre cabinets feeding Bildeston which can be seen in Chelsworth Road; so its time to get connected and enjoy the benefits. It’s not automatically provided and its not free, you will need to talk with an internet service provider and part with some cash or make a longer term commitment to a supplier to bag one of the many offers available. Start your journey at BT Openreach or one of the comparison web sites.