Bildeston Parish Council wants your views on how Bildeston should develop. There are currently 470 houses in Bildeston – a number that has grown by about 30 in the last ten years. It is likely that Bildeston will have more new houses in the years to come; certainly Babergh District Council has identified a need for more than 1,000 new houses spread across its rural villages by 2031. So, if Bildeston is to have more houses, the question is: how many, of what size and type, and where? Each answer throws up more questions about what each of us value about living in Bildeston.

Bildeston Parish Council wants the people of Bildeston to be able to influence the big decisions that will affect the future of the village. A questionnaire designed to discover the view of villagers on the most important issues will be dsitributed. Copies are available for every adult in the village to have their say. Everybody's opinion matters – which is why we urge you to help decide the future of Bildeston.