The purpose of the planning system helps to ensure that development takes place in the public interest, in economically, socially and environmentally sustainable ways. It has a major impact on how local neighbourhoods look, feel and function. It also has a role to play in helping to cut carbon emissions, protect the natural environment and deliver energy security.

Planning applications are determined with reference to the National Planning Policy Framework which was published by the government in March 2012 and local planning policies approved for Babergh and Mid-Suffolk. Decisions on planning applications are made by the local planning authority which, for Bildeston is Babergh District Council. The Planning Authority consults various parties including immediate neighbours, the Parish Council and the County Council as highway authority.


Role of the Parish Council

All involved in the planning process will consider an application against a variety of criteria, polices and rules. The role of the Parish Council, with its close links to the community is to provide a local interpretation of these, not to duplicate the function of the planning authority.

In giving its view to the District Council, Bildeston Parish Council has decided:

a. To object to an application; or

b. Express support for an application; or

c. Register no objection.

The Parish Council will normally only express support where a positive benefit is perceived, such as a new facility for the village, or the improvement of a derelict building or area. However, councillors consider each case on its merits.

The Parish Council aims to provide before the set closing date, a quality, planning based response to all consultations received. In other words, it must base its views on material planning considerations which will have weight with the Planning Authority. It cannot simply oppose an application on non=planning grounds. The closing date is this is the same for all individual consultees.

The Parish Council does not know what comments have been (or will be) made by individual consultees direct to the district council, unless those individuals make their views known to the parish council.


Participation of Local Residents

Local residents who have a particular interest in a planning matter should submit their views directly to Babergh District Council.

Where individuals wish to make representations to the Parish Council, we are pleased to give them the opportunity to speak at our meeting or take written comments. While the Parish Council will take all representations into account, its role is to reflect the wider interests of the parish, rather than to automatically endorse the view of particular individuals, whether for, or against, a proposal.

Members of the public are very welcome to attend Parish Council meetings, whether to make representations, or simply see the process at work. We meet at Chamberlin Hall on the second Wednesday of every month at 7.30pm with additional meetings, advertised on the Parish notice board in the Market Place where planning deadlines dictate such meetings are required.