the council

Bildeston Parish Council is made up of 9 elected members who volunteer their time for the good of the community. Their diverse backgrounds, skills and experience are a great asset to the parish.
The clerk is generally the first point of contact with the council. The Clerk provides advice on law and procedure, administrative support and also implements council decisions and policy. Our local procedures are called standing orders and are published here.

The job of the council is to represent the interests of the whole community. Discovering the needs of different groups in the community, such as the young and elderly, is an important part of a Councillor's work. Parish Plans can provide a valuable opportunity for local people to “have their say". Parish councils can: give views on planning applications and other proposals that affect the parish; undertake projects that benefit local residents; work in partnership with others to benefit the parish; advise relevant authorities of problems or action that is needed; and help the other tiers of local government to engage with, and understand their local communities.
A council can arrange to have its work carried out by a committee and delegate its powers to a committee.

Bildeston Parish Council does not employ any committees at present.  It does however, from time to time, appoint working parties to explore certain projects such as Building a Skate Park.  A working party will collect information regarding the best and most cost effective way to achieve the desired end result.  It will then advise the Council who make a final decision on how best to proceed.  Working Parties have no executive powers.

Parish Council Meetings are held monthly in Chamberlin Hall, Bildeston usually on the second Wednesday of the month. Provision is made for an additional meetings to deal with planning applications (as a consultee) if and when the need arises.
Agendas for meetings are published on the Parish Council notice board affixed to the Clock Tower in the Market Place and circulated to Members and other interested bodies/organisations.  There is a commitment to publish the agenda and accompanying papers on this web site.


Find out what the Bildeston Coronavirus Support Group can offer you and also the other services available to help the people of Bildeston stay connected while self-isolating and practising social-distancing.

Bildeston Parish Council wants your views on how Bildeston should develop. There are currently 470 houses in Bildeston – a number that has grown by about 30 in the last ten years. It is likely that Bildeston will have more new houses in the years to come; certainly Babergh District Council has identified a need for more than 1,000 new houses spread across its rural villages by 2031. So, if Bildeston is to have more houses, the question is: how many, of what size and type, and where? Each answer throws up more questions about what each of us value about living in Bildeston.

Bildeston Community Speedwatch needs your help! It is an important initiative that promotes safer driving through education rather than prosecution. With limited resources available, Speedwatch relies upon the participation of volunteers like you who want to improve road safety and reduce the risk of accidents for everyone.

Although superfast broadband officially arrived in Bildeston some months ago, it was only available to a very small part of Bildeston around Market Place and some of the surrounding villages. As of mid April, work funded by Suffolk County Council under the better broadband to Suffolk banner has now made this available to a major part of Bildeston.

In 2007 Bildeston residents were invited to take part in a survey to help plan the future ofour village. There was a great response with 617 responsents from the 297 households. After much analysis, a detailed report was produced and the Bildeston Parish Plan can be downloaded HERE

Annual Parish Meeting was held in April. Notes from the meeting and a copy of the chairman's report are available from our document store.

Bildeston's Development Questionnaire about the future of housing, conducted by the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group on behalf of the Parish Council, has discovered a large degree of unanimity about how villagers want Bildeston to develop. Distributed to all 480 homes in Bildeston, 277 completed questionnaires were returned. The key findings are: 

As many readers will be aware, Henry Morphew sadly passed away at the beginning of this year. Henry had been a resident of the village for over 50 years. He loved the village of Bildeston and wished to support it after his death. Henry made a will that sought to preserve the historical records that he had compiled over many years and look after some of the artefacts he had collected.  He also wished to provide financial support for a number of local amenities.